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06/18/2015 Publication: Use of Social Media Evidence in Litigation
06/15/2015 Firm Associate Zena Kalioundji Designated As Rising Star!
04/22/2015 California Labor Law Alert!
04/10/2015 Utah/Nevada Affiliation Enhancement Announced
09/12/2014 Defense Verdict Obtained by Firm Partner Paul Wayne!
08/20/2014 Are HOAs Required To Accept Partial Payments On Delinquent Assessment Liens?
05/09/2014 Fraudlent Benefit Claims Lead To 8 Year Prison Term!
05/09/2014 Open Houses Allowed On Weekends For Tenant-Occupied Properties
03/17/2014 Co-Author: Extending Title VII to Transgender Protection
11/20/2013 Another Win For Paul Wayne!
11/19/2013 2014 California Employment Laws
10/02/2013 Stephanie Forman Achieves AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating!
10/02/2013 Commercial Property Owners Contend With New Discloure Requirements!
06/28/2013 Sherry Shavit – Partner at Tharpe & Howell
05/15/2013 Favorable Win For Landlord Client!
02/13/2013 California Civil Depositions Limited To Seven Hours Under New Law
02/13/2013 CEQA Litigation: The Cost of Doing Business in California
02/13/2013 Business Interruption Insurance
02/13/2013 Post-Brinker Meal Break Decisions On Class Certification
02/13/2013 Can an Intervening Insurance Company Sue for Breach of Contract?
02/13/2013 Class Action Damage Requirement for Class Certification
02/13/2013 Trial Tactics for Insurance and Corporate Defense Cases
12/31/2012 Author: Digital Manipulation and Photographic Evidence: Defrauding the Courts One Thousand Words at a Time
12/28/2012 Wind v. Water – Hurricane Sandy Coverage Issues
11/29/2012 David Binder Joins Claims and Litigation Management Alliance
10/24/2012 Professional Designation In Litigation Management
08/16/2012 Summary: Neutral Evaluation of Complex Construction Claims and Lawsuits; Valuing Construction Defect Cases
08/16/2012 Neutral Evaluation of Complex Construction Defect Claims and Lawsuits; Valuing Construction Defect Cases
07/30/2012 Transportation Law Newsletter
07/30/2012 Employment and Labor Law Newsletter
07/30/2012 Bad Faith and Coverage Newsletter
07/30/2012 General Litigation Newsletter
07/30/2012 Business Law Newsletter
07/30/2012 After Brinker: A Guide For California Employers
07/24/2012 After Brinker: Guidance For California Employers<
04/19/2012 California’s Shine The Light Act
04/19/2012 Can I Get Your Zip Code Please?
04/19/2012 Classifying Insurance Agents and Salespeople
04/19/2012 New Benefit and Special Purpose Corporations
04/19/2012 Cyber Risk Management Found Lacking
04/19/2012 Successful “Firing” Depends on Successful Hiring
04/19/2012 IP Update: ACTA May Need A Second Act!
04/10/2012 Tera Ames Sworn In As Justice Of The Peace Pro Tempore!
04/10/2012 Author: Assessing Facebook Through Employers: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?
04/04/2012 Firm Partner Christopher Maile Accepts CLM Invitation
03/26/2012 Tharpe & Howell Launches The California Business & Law Report!
03/22/2012 Appointment To Nevada State Bar New Lawyer Mentoring Program
02/16/2012 Smoke Free Housing Now Supported By California Law
02/16/2012 Smoke Free Housing Now Supported By California Law
02/07/2012 Proposition 65-Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act
02/03/2012 Defense Verdict For Insured College Student Driver!
01/20/2012 Defense Verdict For Commercial Transportation Client!
01/03/2012 Defense Verdict Obtained For Firm Client!
12/19/2011 Summary of Contractual Indemnity Laws
12/12/2011 Firm Obtains Favorable Verdict For Manufacturing Client!
12/06/2011 California State Bar Appoints Timothy Lake To Insurance Law Committee
12/06/2011 Claims And Litigation Management Alliance Appoints Timothy Lake To Coverage Litigation Committee
10/12/2011 Favorable Award Received For Transportation Client!
08/22/2011 Osha Newsflash
08/22/2011 The Employment and Labor Law Newsletter
08/15/2011 Firm Wins Motion For Non-Suit!
08/02/2011 New Website Feature For Commercial Clients!
08/01/2011 Insurance Defense Newsletter
08/01/2011 Transportation Law Newsletter
05/25/2011 Favorable Jury Award Following 5 Day Trial!
05/17/2011 Green Construction - Solar Energy Litigation
04/28/2011 Class Action Law Newsflash!
03/09/2011 Significant WC Reduction Obtained For Employer Client!
03/02/2011 Firm Successfully Opposes Appeal Challenging Hanif Reduction!
03/01/2011 Transportation Law Newsletter
03/01/2011 Employment and Labor Law Newsletter
02/04/2011 Firm Partner Byron Ames Joins Council on Litigation Management
02/02/2011 Partner Johnna Hansen Selected Defense Counsel in Metoclopramide Litigation
01/27/2011 Another Win For Hospitality Client!
01/01/2011 Drafting Employment Documents for California Employers (CEB 2011)
12/20/2010 Firm Wins Defense Verdict For Auto Repossession Client!
12/14/2010 Jury Awards Defense Verdict to Firm Client!
12/03/2010 Twas The Risky Night Before Christmas.....
08/01/2010 Business Practices Newsletter
08/01/2010 General Litigation Newsletter
08/01/2010 Utah Litigation Newsletter
06/04/2010 Appellate Court Affirms Dismissal of Insurance Carrier Client!
05/27/2010 The General Litigation Newsletter
03/29/2010 Trial Win: Plaintiff Goes Down With His Boat!
03/26/2010 Las Vegas Team Wins Defense Award!
03/16/2010 Our Multi-Ethnic Attorneys Are Conversant In Several Languages!
03/11/2010 Firm Wins Defense Verdict on Behalf of Hospitality Client!
01/20/2010 Firm Wins Appellate Victory!
01/04/2010 Firm Client Prevails In Trademark Action in Mainland China!
01/01/2010 The Employment and Labor Law Newsletter
01/01/2010 The Transportation Legal Times
01/01/2010 The General Litigation Newsletter
01/01/2010 The Insurance Coverage and Litigation Newsletter
11/10/2009 Home Run Hit For Car Dealership Client!
11/10/2009 Appellate Victory For Motel 6!
11/09/2009 Author: The ADA Amendments Act of 2008
11/01/2009 The Transportation Legal Times
11/01/2009 The General Litigation Newsletter
11/01/2009 The Employment and Labor Law Newsletter
09/30/2009 Another Win By Senior Attorney David Binder!
09/16/2009 A Case In Review: Allstate v. Miller
09/16/2009 The Employment and Labor Law Newsletter
09/16/2009 The Hospitality Law Newsletter
09/16/2009 The Transportation Legal Times
09/16/2009 A Case In Review: Zamora v. Price
09/16/2009 Factoid: We Can Simplify Your Complex Litigation Construction Cases!
09/15/2009 Firm Defeats Wrongful Termination Claim On Behalf Of Car Dealership Clients
08/19/2009 Jury Awards Defense Verdict In Favor of Multi-Unit Residential Property Owner Client!
08/17/2009 The General Litigation Newsletter
08/17/2009 The Insurance Law Newsletter
07/15/2009 Consumer Class Certification Denied!
04/10/2009 The Labor and Employment Law Newsletter
04/01/2009 The Intellectual Property Law Newsletter
04/01/2009 The Insurance Coverage and Litigation Newsletter
04/01/2009 The Transportation Law Newsletter
02/05/2009 Strategic Risk Management With Senior Partner Robert Freedman
02/01/2009 The General Litigation Newsletter
02/01/2009 The Employment and Labor Law Newsletter
02/01/2009 The ADA Amendments Act of 2008
02/01/2009 Business Law Update
01/29/2009 Firm Attorneys Successful In Obtaining Writ Relief!
01/05/2009 Partner Spotlight - Stephanie Forman
12/01/2008 The Labor and Employment Law Newsletter
11/08/2008 Insurance Coverage and Litigation Newsletter
11/08/2008 UM/UIM Newsletter
11/01/2008 The Hospitality Legal Times
10/01/2008 Partner Spotlight - Trial Victories of Christopher S. Maile, Esq.
09/12/2008 Co-Author: California's New Hands-Free Law-Employers' Potential for Liability
09/08/2008 Help Us Fight Hunger In The Los Angeles Region!
09/01/2008 The Hospitality Legal Times
08/22/2008 Nevada Courts Finally Move Towards Federal Standard for Admissibility of Expert Opinions
08/19/2008 Class Action Lawsuit Defeated at Trial!
08/15/2008 Multi-Million Dollar Claim Settled For $5,000!
08/14/2008 Another Victory For Paul Wayne!
08/01/2008 The Hospitality Legal Times
08/01/2008 The Labor and Employment Law Newsletter
07/01/2008 Employee Dispute Arbitration Agreements Not Always Binding
07/01/2008 Co-Author: California's 'Hands-Free Law' - What Does it Mean to Employers?
07/01/2008 Cafe Dana Restaurant Purchase
07/01/2008 The Hospitality Legal Times
06/01/2008 The Hospitality Legal Times
04/11/2008 The Labor & Employment Law Newsletter
04/02/2008 California Court of Appeal Upholds Firm Win!
03/25/2008 Firm Obtains Defense Verdict In Trip-and-Fall Case!
03/21/2008 Damages For Negligent Ambulance Operation Capped at $250,000
03/19/2008 FACTOID: Tharpe & Howell Has More Than 500 Years of Combined Legal Experience
03/14/2008 Firm Saves Commercial Client Thousands!
03/07/2008 Stephen Lyons v. Fire Insurance Exchange
02/20/2008 ATV Accident Deaths Reach More Than 500 In 2006
02/14/2008 Employee Injured In Employer Provided Housing Limited To Workers' Comp Benefits
02/08/2008 Nevada Supreme Court Affirms Defense Verdict In Favor of Firm Client!
01/31/2008 Court Affirms No Excess Duty Until Primary Coverage Is Exhausted
01/24/2008 Firm Defeats Bad Faith Claim!
01/17/2008 A Case In Review: Transportation Insurance Company v. Regency Roofing Companies, Inc.
01/14/2008 Carriers Share Defense and Indemnity Costs Absent Indemnity Contract
01/01/2008 The Hospitality Legal Times
01/01/2008 The Construction Legal Times
12/28/2007 Bad Faith Claim Defeated!
12/20/2007 Las Vegas Team Settles Case For Pennies on the Dollar!
12/04/2007 Failure to Investigate Opens The Door to Allegations of Bad Faith!
12/01/2007 The Construction Legal Times
12/01/2007 The Hospitality Legal Times
11/15/2007 Firm Appellate Victory!
11/12/2007 Can Insured Settle Claim Without Carrier's Consent?
11/04/2007 Firm Obtains Defense Verdict In Admitted Liability Case!
11/04/2007 Firm Wins Motion for Summary Judgment on behalf of a National Carrier Client!
10/02/2007 Firm Defeats Whistleblower Claim Via Motion For Summary Judgment!
10/01/2007 The Construction Legal Times
10/01/2007 The Hospitality Legal Times
09/20/2007 Firm Settles Cal-Osha Appeal, Avoids Multi-Million Dollar Abatement Demand
09/20/2007 After-Hours Attack By Bus Driver Does Not Trigger Coverage
09/12/2007 Firm Wins Motion For Summary Judgment in Bad Faith Case Against Carrier Client!
08/31/2007 Class-Action Waivers in Employment Agreements May Not Be Enforceable
08/31/2007 Primary Assumption of Risk Doctrine Applies to Non-Contact Sports
08/31/2007 Labor Day: One of The Deadliest Days to Drive
08/23/2007 Insurance Coverage and Litigation Newsletter
07/17/2007 Excess Recovery Forbidden For Insureds Owning Separate Policies
07/05/2007 Firm Defeats Wrongful Termination Claim!
07/01/2007 The Employment Legal Times
06/26/2007 Washington State's New Insurance Fair Conduct Act
06/26/2007 Soojin Kang: A Four Time Honoree!
05/03/2007 Obvious Standards in Patents; A Supreme Court Review
05/01/2007 The Hospitality Legal Times
04/17/2007 Supreme Court Rules On Wage/Rest Period Violation Statute
04/01/2007 The Construction Legal Times
04/01/2007 The Hospitality Legal Times
03/20/2007 Bay Area Residents At Increased Risk For Landslides
03/15/2007 Nevada Construction Defect Litigation - Driving Down Plaintiffs' Expectations
03/15/2007 Nevada Supreme Court Revises Summary Judgment Standard
03/13/2007 El Dorado Homes v. Fire Insurance Exchange
02/14/2007 Safeco To Cut Homeowners and Commercial Rates!
02/12/2007 Firm Obtains Favorable Trial Results For Store Owner Client!
02/06/2007 Machinery Company Client Pays Pennies On the Dollar!
02/05/2007 Firm Wins Motion For Summary Judgment in Bad Faith Case Against Carrier Client
02/02/2007 Firm Resolves Litigation Over Historic San Francisco Japantown Peace Plaza
01/05/2007 State Farms Drops California Premium Costs By $5 Million
01/03/2007 Insurance Industry Financials and Outlook
01/01/2007 The Hospitality Legal Times
01/01/2007 The Employment Legal Times
12/28/2006 Protect Yourself And Your Guests While Hosting Holiday Parties
12/22/2006 Happy Holidays!
12/21/2006 Mediation Settlements
12/14/2006 California Cracks-Down On Uninsured Motorists
11/27/2006 West Coast Casualty Reports on Firm Achievement!
10/30/2006 Firm Wins Summary Judgment In Wrongful Death Case!
10/19/2006 Carriers Face Significant Claims In Hawaii
10/18/2006 Dawn Bauder Passes The Nevada State Bar!
10/05/2006 The Construction Legal Times
10/04/2006 Employer Did Not Fail To Accommodate Employee On 7 Month Leave Of Absence
10/04/2006 California Supreme Court To Classify Missed Meals Payments
10/04/2006 Employment Law News Flash
10/03/2006 Employers Must Handle Return To Work Notices With Care
09/18/2006 Expert Declaration Fails To Create Triable Issue of Fact
09/18/2006 California Strengthens Teen Driver Laws
09/05/2006 California Court of Appeal Clarifies Distinction Between Motor Carriers and Brokers
08/17/2006 How Crash Worthy Is Your Vehicle?
08/02/2006 A Message To Our Motor Carrier Clients:
08/01/2006 The Hospitality Legal Times
07/27/2006 California Supreme Court Sides With Firm's Store Owner Client
07/27/2006 Firm Obtains Dismissal of Wrongful Death Action!
07/13/2006 Attorney Soojin Kang Designated "Top Young Lawyer" For The Third Year in a Row!
07/13/2006 West Coast Condo Conversion Conference
07/01/2006 The Hospitality Legal Times
07/01/2006 The Construction Legal Times
06/27/2006 Employer Liable for Failure to Accommodate Non-Disabled Employee
06/27/2006 Firm Wins Bad Faith Action!
06/21/2006 Rock, Paper, & Scissors Game New Form of Dispute Resolution?
06/06/2006 Crawford v. Weathershield Under Review By California Supreme Court
06/01/2006 The Transportation Legal Times
06/01/2006 The Employment Legal Times
06/01/2006 The Construction Legal Times
06/01/2006 The Hospitality Legal Times
05/24/2006 Sevan Gobel Wins Motion for Summary Judgment on Appeal!
05/18/2006 Daniel Freedman Wins University Challenge Grand Prize!
05/04/2006 Crawford v. Weathershield
05/02/2006 Firm Welcomes Zurich Insurance Company!
05/01/2006 The Hospitality Legal Times
05/01/2006 The Construction Legal Times
04/04/2006 Contractual Obligation to Defend is Distinct From Obligation To Indemnify
04/04/2006 Lincoln Property Company v. Travelers Indemnity
04/03/2006 Firm Defeats Construction Defect Claim!
04/01/2006 The Hospitality Legal Times
04/01/2006 The Problem Solvers
03/29/2006 Vehicle Ownership Liability: One Foot In The "Graves"
03/01/2006 The Hospitality Legal Times
03/01/2006 The Problem Solvers
02/22/2006 Associate Richard Gagliano Wins Defense Verdict!
02/15/2006 California Courts Struggle Over Characterization of Meal and Rest Period Violations
02/10/2006 Firm Defeats Age Discrimination Employment Claim
02/01/2006 The Construction Legal Times
02/01/2006 The Hospitality Legal Times
02/01/2006 The Problem Solvers
02/01/2006 The Employment Legal Times
01/30/2006 Firm Wins Defense Verdict in Wrongful Death/Products Defect Case
01/17/2006 Firm Trial Attorney Stephanie Forman Named Partner
01/16/2006 Litigator Talia Delanoy Joins Sacramento Team!
01/12/2006 Firm Daycare Client to Pay Pennies on The Dollar
01/05/2006 Firm Defeats Premises Liability Claim Via Motion to Dismiss
01/05/2006 Senior Counsel John Harris Successfully Prosecutes Malpractice Claim
01/04/2006 Must Property Owners Warn Residents of Gang Activity?
01/02/2006 Bay Area Team Obtains Summary Judgment!
01/01/2006 The Hospitality Legal Times
01/01/2006 The Construction Legal Times
01/01/2006 The Problem Solvers
12/27/2005 The Demise of Type I Indemnity Clauses in California
12/27/2005 Employer’s Failure to Investigate Sexual Harassment Claim Is Excused
12/22/2005 California Supreme Court Upholds Policy Exclusion for Landslide Damages
12/20/2005 Happy Holidays!
12/11/2005 Attorney Martin Snyder Joins Sherman Oaks Office!
12/11/2005 Allstate Forks Out $120 Million In Unpaid Overtime!
12/07/2005 Attorney Christopher Treadway Joins Phoenix Team!
12/07/2005 Firm Obtains Favorable Settlement in Mycobacteria Case
12/07/2005 Litigation Team Thwarts Creation of New Intentional Tort
12/04/2005 Congratulations To The Ames Family, Its Twins!
12/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
11/15/2005 The Construction Legal Times
11/11/2005 The Hospitality Legal Times
11/11/2005 Robert J. Lent Joins Litigation Team!
11/08/2005 Michael D. Stevenson Joins Las Vegas Office
11/01/2005 The Construction Legal Times
11/01/2005 The Construction Legal Times
11/01/2005 The Transportation Legal Times
11/01/2005 Relocation of Phoenix, Arizona Office
11/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
11/01/2005 The Construction Legal Times
11/01/2005 The Hospitality Legal Times
11/01/2005 The Hospitality Legal Times
11/01/2005 The Employment Legal Times
11/01/2005 The Transportation Legal Times
11/01/2005 The Construction Legal Times
11/01/2005 The Hospitality Legal Times
10/26/2005 Firm Wins Defense Verdict in Sexual Harassment/ Cockroach Infestation Case
10/20/2005 Jon Blum Passes Nevada State Bar!
10/18/2005 Firm Caps Exposure on Large Loss Trucking Claims Through Binding Arbitration
10/14/2005 Grand Jury Issues 94 Indictments In Insurance Fraud Scheme
10/07/2005 Tharpe & Howell Defeats Personal Injury Actions With Motions For Summary Judgment
10/05/2005 Firm Achieves Early Settlement of Walt Disney Resorts Case
10/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
09/30/2005 Stuart Slocum is Officially Sworn In!
09/29/2005 Labor and Employment Department Wins Motion for Summary Judgment
09/27/2005 Successor Businesses May Not Have Right to Insurance Coverage
09/22/2005 Tharpe & Howell Saves Firm Client Over $400,000 In Complex Insurance Litigation
09/21/2005 Tharpe & Howell Expands to Meet Clients' Growing Needs
09/09/2005 Numerous News Agencies Report on Tharpe & Howell's Creative Case Resolution
09/06/2005 Louisiana Lawyers Devastated by Katrina
09/02/2005 Recognition of Firm Associate Soojin Kang
09/01/2005 Defense Verdict Extinguishes $250,000 Claim
09/01/2005 Court of Appeals Affirms Granting of Motion for Summary Judgment
09/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
08/31/2005 Settlement Achieved in Major Southern California Landslide Case
08/24/2005 Bad Faith Claim Defended
08/05/2005 Greaves Charity Golf Tournament
08/01/2005 Relocation of California Central Coast Office
08/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
08/01/2005 The Hospitality Legal Times
07/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
06/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
06/01/2005 The Hospitality Legal Times
06/01/2005 The Employment Legal Times
05/01/2005 The Construction Legal Times
05/01/2005 The Hospitality Legal Times
05/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
04/06/2005 Firm Welcomes Sutter Insurance Company!
04/01/2005 The Hospitality Legal Times
04/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
04/01/2005 The Construction Legal Times
03/01/2005 The Employment Legal times
03/01/2005 The Transportation Legal Times
03/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
02/24/2005 James Wang v. Golden Eagle Insurance Company, et al.
02/05/2005 Second Annual Hospitality Law Conference
02/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
01/01/2005 The Problem Solvers
03/21/2002 Tradewinds Escrow Inc. v. Truck Insurance Exchange
11/04/1999 Midiman v. Farmers Insurance Exchange
Reported Case: Russ v. Woodside Homes, 905 P.2d 901 (Utah App.1995)
Author: The Legal and Moral Implications of Informed Consent in Dentistry
Mr. Abbott is the Author of
Author: "Survey of New York Practice, Driving While Intoxicated-Miranda Warnings Not Required"
Reported Case: McKeon v. Crump, 2001 UT App.354
Author: "Wrongful Termination: The Tort of The '80s Enters The '90s"
Publication: The Spanish Law of Waters in the United States
Co-Author: Developing An Employee-Centered Electronic Monitoring System
Reported Case: State v. Kohn, 999 P.2d 392, 2000 UT 35
'Twas Risky Night Before Christmas...
Wilson v. All Service Ins. Corp., 91 Cal.App.3d 793, 153 Cal.Rptr.121
Polony v. White, 43 Cal.App.3d 793, 117 Cal.Rptr. 341
Guest Speaker at First Annual Hospitality Law Conference
Seminar on The Fair Claims Practices Act and its Applications in California
Seminar on Handling Tort Claims in California: Avoiding Potential Pitfalls
Author: "New Cases Shield Employers From Wrongful Termination Lawsuits"
Author: An Act of Patriotism?
Author: Not So Fair After All
Reported Case: Mary Smith v. Fiberboard, et al.
Author: All Inclusive Trust Deeds
Reported Case: Anderson v. OCF 53 Cal.3d 987
Author: Global Rule One: SAG’S Answer to Runaway Production, 9 Southwestern J.L. Trade in the Americas 357 (2003), republished for 2009 UCLA Entertainment Law Symposium.
Litigation Specialist Christopher Treadway Joins Phoenix Team!
Publication: From Hockey Gloves to Handcuffs - The Need For Criminal Sanctions in Professional Ice Hockey
Presentation by James O. Eiler
Presentation by E. Allen Tharpe, III
Presentation by Robert Freedman
Presentation by James O. Eiler
NSA's Warrantless Surveillance Controversy, 31 Whittier L. Rev. 133 (2009)
Reported Case: State of Utah, In the Interest of A.W., S.W., and A.W., 2002 UT App 159
Co-Author: The Complete Asset Protection Plan
Reported Case: State v. Villalobos, 2000 UT App.354
Co-Author: How to Form a Corporation in Any State
Author: Making Double Jeopardy Available in Civil Actions
Contributing Author: California Forms of Pleading and Practice